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Eco­Friendly Products

Green Engineering strives to provide any form of eco­friendly products for a better global environment. As we continue to progress towards the future, we need to be continuously conscious of the environment and what this beautiful earth could bring to us.

Used Cars


Used Cars

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Nissan has manufactured a wide range of cars, vans and trucks and is a well known global. ELGRAND is the best full size luxurious minivan which Nissan may well be proud of.

8 seater with plenty of comfort and space


Certified as “ultra­low emission vehicles" by Ministry of Land,
Infrastructure,Transport and Tourism of Japan

Cutting-edge Technology

Around view monitor to facilitate lane changing and parking

High grade design

Comfortable and Safe

Drive either a 2.5L or 3.5L engine without any stress even on slopes and highway



if you are interested in our product, feel free to contact us and we will let you know more about the product.


We will deliver the product to your home and provide fast and secured delivery to you.


When you receive a car, please sign and pay for it. ­­


Car Battery Charger

Car Battery Charger

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What is electric vehicle charging station?

An electric vehicle charging station is an infrastructure that supplies electric energy to recharge electric vehicles. Charging stations can be on-street, at car parks and even in your own homes. For residential charging stations, we provide simple, safe and stable electric vehicle charging in the convenience of your garage or carport.

It is a simple installation of a wall mounted charger unit and connecting it to the main power grid. Our electrician will connect the cables and wiring to the main power grid and once that’s completed, you can start charging your electric vehicle. You can also install the charging unit to our solar carport for free and clean energy from the sun.

What are the benefits of electric vehicle charging station?

The demand for electric cars will continue to rise with the sales for such cars doubling each year. The merit of such electric vehicles are the motors, which are powered by an array of electric batteries. Electric batteries are considered cleaner, safe and green in comparison with other energy sources like gasoline. One major problem electric vehicle users have is the limited range, even though new technologies have already greatly increased the distance a single charge of battery can travel. Hence, a charging station will be a solution to this limitation.


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